Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation wishing...

Are we there yet? Those four words kids everywhere say when they are bored traveling and can’t wait to be at their destination. Well, I am far from being a kid anymore but there is this little child, in the back of my mind, poking me and saying “are we there yet?” To me, “there” is the Outer Banks of North Carolina, my most favorite vacation beach spot, that we go to every September. This year it seems like September is too far away and I am so ready to leave right now.

Each September, after Labor Day, we rent a large beach house complete with heated pool for chilly days and a hot tub for cozy nights. We gather our bathing suits and pajamas and head south. It is only a 5 hour drive but at least a dozen times we all have to say “are we there yet?” It is a wonderful location for a vacation if a hurricane does not decide to blow hard up the coastline. The Outer Banks is a barrier island that runs along the coast of North Carolina. It’s beautiful and peaceful and it always has a way of washing off the past year's stress. There are a number of wonderful little towns that offer something for everyone, from wandering wild horses on the beach to shopping, vineyard wine tours and just plain fun; it has me coming back year after year.

This year I would like to be there now. Life has been filled with craziness this past year and I need a vacation soon. I need to feel that southern sand under my feet and the water splashing around me to get some of that ahhh vacation feel. I have started a calendar countdown this evening and if you hear whining escaping from me this summer, just remember, it’s only that kid in me saying “are we there yet?”

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Tea...

One wonderful thing the country has learned from the south is what a hot, summer day calls for is a tall glass of iced sweet tea. It seems like all restaurants and even McDonald's has caught onto this icy taste of the south. Sweet Tea is a drink all its own. There is iced tea and then sweet tea. Two very separate drinks. Iced tea is brewed unsweetened and then served with the option of adding whatever you like, maybe a little sugar or artificial sweetener, some lemon or berries or a sprig of mint. It is a have it your way drink. Then there is Sweet Tea, which next to Dr. Pepper is one of the favorite beverages of the south. It is my favorite for sure. Cool, refreshing and sweet! Making sweet tea is simple with just three ingredients. Water, tea bags and pure white cane sugar. In a pot on the stove place 2 cups of cold water, 6 tea bags with tags removed, and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat when it comes to the boil and let sit to steep for around 10 minutes till it is good and deep colored. Remove your tea bags and squeeze those little bags into the brown water so you don't waste a drop of the liquid gold. Now, while the tea is still warm in the pan add 1 cup (or even more to your sweet taste) of cane sugar and stir to dissolve. I know you are thinking that is a lot of sugar but remember that is the idea. When the sugar is dissolved pour the warm tea into the quart pitcher, and with a metal spoon standing in the tea to keep the pitcher from breaking, fill the rest of the pitcher with cold water. Stir and serve over a lot of ice in a tall glass. Mmmm, cold, sweet, delicious, the nectar of the south.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What excitement it is to open a new blog and to welcome all to join us in this fun endeavor. We plan on bringing you some of what my family and I have to offer with a touch of the old south thrown into the mix. We are a creative group and we look forward to introducing you to our beautiful jewelry, some great old southern cooking and just plan down home fun. We might be city people now but you can still find that southern touch in all we do!