Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flavors of Summer...

Summertime offers up such yummy colors in food, flowers, clothing and jewelry. We can't wait to dig out the summer wear and favorite recipes because of the fun, relaxed times we relate to colors. The blues of the ocean and the white sand brought out fun, colored, bathing suits. White pants and brightly colored tees bring out the thoughts of the wonderful flowers and vegetables in our gardens and the yummy cool treats that go with the weather. When I was young we couldn't wait to get those white sandals out that had been placed in the back of the closet on Labor Day. I never could figure the reasoning behind the no white shoes between Labor Day and Memorial Day. We would pull out the sandals and shorts and head outside till sundown. Picnics and beautiful pink, yummy, watermelon ruled the days and on Sunday evenings Dad would pile all into the car and drive us to the edge of town where the Ice Cream Shop stood waiting. Children from all around would be jumping out of cars and standing in long lines for tall cones of sweet, pastel, fruit flavored ice creams and sherbets. What wonderful memories we all chat about now when we hang out at a summer family get together. It is no wonder that our best summer memories are tied to colors and flavors.

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