Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm so happy today...

Note: I know, I'm bad and I am reposting this from my other blog Sugar Creek Beads today, but I am so so happy about this I had to share it here as well. I feel like shouting it out to everyone so here it is...

Today feels like a day to celebrate for me, like everything that makes me happy is all wrapped up in a beautiful box with a fabulous silk bow on top and it is all mine. You see, for the last several weeks I have been living under a dark cloud and just getting through each day by pretending all was well but it wasn't. It is hard to smile when fear is consuming your life but today the fear is gone and I am smiling so hard my face hurts.

I have been believing the past few weeks that I had cancer, the bad kind you don't get well from, and finally after test after test it seems the doctors were wrong and I am cancer free. Doctors are wonderful people and their intentions are good but they had made a terrible mistake in my diagnoses and the situation grew as fast as a snow ball rolling down a hill getting larger and larger, doctor by doctor. The funny thing about the snowball is the more they led me to believe I was sick the sicker I was getting. Power of suggestion is a dangerous thing. Well the great part is that they were completely wrong and I do not have the dreaded C word! I am a bit concerned about how one doctor believing something can snowball into other doctors just accepting what one said and not checking for themselves. If we had a different health care system what would have gotten through wrong?

That is all the bad thoughts I will have of them today because I am happy and my cloud is gone. I feel this is a day for fireworks and a picnic. Enjoy your day, I am!


  1. I am so happy for you also. Wonderful news always cheers us up. I can't imagine what your last few weeks have been like, but so glad the doctor/or/doctors were so wrong. Good thoughts coming your way. I see the fireworks from here a thousand miles away! Enjoy your day....;))

  2. Thank you for you lovely thoughts. I feel great today for a change! Jeanne

  3. Wow, that is great news and should be celebrated! I cannot imagine how terrible this experience was. I'm so happy that it was all a big mistake, Jeanne. Hugs and Cheers!

  4. I know you will sleep well tonight! Sweet dreams!