Friday, September 4, 2009

Hurray for long weekends!!

After such a stressful and busy week I'm so glad we are having a long weekend to kick back and regroup. One of the smartest things our government ever did was to move most all holidays to a Monday so people could have tiny vacations all during the year. Me, I am going over to the shore to Mom's and hang out at her pool, veg out and eat steamed crabs! Don't get much better to me. I am crazy about steamed crabs, love everything about it, the picking, the mess and the great taste.
Maryland is known for the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab, the best there is when it comes to steaming crabs. All you need is a big pot, a bushel of live (most cook live, sorry)crabs, water, beer and our equally famous Old Bay Seasoning. Get yourself a bunch of old newspapers to cover the table, some knives and hammers for opening, lots and lots of napkins and a cold drink. Holidays are meant to have crabs in Maryland.
I hope you enjoy your holiday as much as I will and I will be back next week. If I have some crab meat left I'll make crab soup for you and give you my recipe. I know you'll like it. Until next week...

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  1. Have a wonderful long weekend and I will be by my pool bbqing :-)