Sunday, December 13, 2009

My mini decorations this holiday...

I have been so terribly busy and really under the weather the past few weeks that I have been very bad in keeping up with my posts and comments.  I guess it is the time of year that gives us all too much to do and usually crummy weather to make us sick that we all have the same complaints.  So sorry but I think I have finally caught up and gotten my act together.

I am planning to move to a new and larger place after the new year so I decided to go with a minimum of decorations this Christmas.  I figured it would be less to unpack from storage and less to have to pack after Christmas if we just did one small tree and my favorite
Christmas decoration, St. Nick in the pink robe.  Tonight my minimal Christmas decorations are complete and as pretty as they are I feel like I'm missing tons of things.  I am crazy about the Christmas season and love all the many decorations I usually install.  I like to put different themes in different rooms and also use lots of garland and swags. Watch out next Christmas, with more space I will go crazy!

I have finished all the shopping and baking early this year so now it's just wrapping and making a couple of small pieces of jewelry for a gift exchange.  I'm hoping to be able to just kick back, open a bottle or two of wine and relax away the rest of the weekend.  Nice thought, hope it works that way!

I sure hope all is going well with all of you this season and you are at the spot in the craziness you would like to be.  I have a lovely glass of vino with me now and I send all of you a toast for the holiday. Cheers and wishing you a very safe, happy and blessed season!!

I'd love to hear how everyone else is making out with their plans this year. Drop me a note, your comments always brings smiles.


  1. Even though you've been sick, it sounds like you got a lot done.

    My new blog home: :O)

  2. Think you made a wise decision not to overdo, hope you're feeling much better now!

  3. Sounds like you're getting to that place! I'm not there, yet. Relax and enjoy all the fruits of your labors. Your tree is beautiful and I love the Santa. Cheers and happy holidays, cher!!

  4. beautiful tree. hope you're doing better now!

  5. You'll be happy with your decision to limit your decorations after Christmas. I'll have days of work to do and you will be out enjoying your time! I love the pink Santa!