Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom's favorite candy made easy...

When it comes to the holidays each year my friends and family think it is mandatory to have Mom's homemade Turtles.  I will admit I am one of the ones looking forward to getting turtles and pralines even if I am the one making some of them.  They are both very easy to make but when it comes to turtles this year they got even easier.  Instead of making homemade caramel, which is very time consuming although fabulous, I got to try some bulk caramel that was just as good as homemade and actually better when it came down to the ease. 
This wonderful caramel comes in a 5 pound block and it is made by Peter's Candy.  I was able to order it online from a terrific small business out of California called an Occasional Chocolate.  The 5 pound block sells for around $21.00 and is worth every bit.  It is very soft and buttery tasting and super easy to use.  To make your turtles all you have to do is cut or pinch off the amount of caramel you need for the size of the turtle you're making.  Roll the piece of caramel into a ball.  Set down 3 or 4 pecans in the shape of legs and push down the caramel ball onto the top of the nuts, spreading it out so just the tips of the nuts are showing.  Depending on the amount of chocolate you like for your candies either dunk the caramel and nuts fully into the chocolate or spoon some onto the top of the nuts and caramel.  Set on waxed paper to let the chocolate get firm and glossy.  We make some with pecans, which is the traditional turtle nut, and some with almonds but whatever nuts your family loves could be used.  Also available at the Occasional Chocolate is bags of very good Guittard's melting chocolates in Milk, Dark and White for great prices. My favorite is the dark chocolate of the turtles. 
I know you may think this is really a lot of caramel at one time but there are so many more candies you can make with it.  We always wrap some around pretzel rods then dip them into chocolate with sprinkles and nuts on the top. So, so yummy!  The caramel stores very well if you find yourself with any leftover.  We made many turtles and rods so far this year for our holiday use and packaged up many of them for the bazaar at church to sell.  It seems nobody can pass one up and we didn't have any leftovers to save.  This is good stuff and I hope you try it out.  I put a link  to her online business, check it out because I'm sure you will like all the ingredients.
This is not a sponsored promotion for the candy place or the caramel, she doesn't know she is mentioned, it is just that it is really good and the prices are terrific.  Also they ship out right away, can't beat that!.


  1. So glad they turned out for you!! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. wow those look yummy! and they sound quite easy also.