Monday, November 2, 2009

They're Back... and it's wonderful!

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Leaving Mom's in Cambridge earlier, I drove by the big pond next to the Choptank River and the view out my car window was the ultimate sign of fall, when it comes to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. No, not the beautiful tree turning bright orange, but the Canadian Geese setting up home by the water. Each year at this time you can see thousands of Canadian Geese, noisily flying south for the winter in their V formations, and landing in the fields, near the water, in Cambridge and other small towns along the shore.  My photos aren't the greatest taken on my Blackberry cell phone, through a car window as I drove, sorry about that people behind me, but I just had to snap the wonderful view. I get so excited each fall when the geese come back.  They are so beautiful and regal looking with always a sentry standing watch over all the groups as they eat.  The sentrys never put their heads down while it is their turn to stand guard, looking around always until it is their turn to eat and a new guard stands watch.  I love watching them and even though they are known to back up traffic several times a day, they waddle back and forth across the road from the field to the river, sentry standing in the middle of the road squawking loudly at the cars, while the rest of his group get across.  The whole scene always makes me happy and I kind of enjoy being a little late watching their special noisy parade.


  1. They're gone, and I'm sad. Their noisy departure always signifies the end is near for Fall and winter is coming. :O)

  2. i think the canadian geese are as beautiful as the changing leaves. and i love that they all let us know fall is here and winter just around the corner!

  3. I used to love geese too until I took up golf and stepped in too many of their little turds on my tranquil walks on various courses.

    Agreed, they are beautiful but they are also somewhat of a nusiance.

    Your pictures are nice and for a minute, I almost liked geese again as much as you!