Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm back and wishing for spring...

I'm back and it felt great to sign into my blog again!  Moving has been all consumming and when I added in a major asthma attack and back to back nightmare snow storms I thought I would never see my computer monitor again before spring.  It is great to be here and I look forward to reading your blogs and catching up on everyone's posts. 

Since it is a very sunny day, 42 degrees and March 1st, I am feeling Spring on the horizon, well 20 days or so, here is a pretty collection of spring flowers I found on the web to make me smile.  Sure hope it makes you feel as happy as it did me when I found the little spring mosiac.


  1. Missed you! Glad you're back :O)

  2. Welcome back! Glad that it's all behind you, cher!