Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Halloween Candy Curse....

I walked into the grocery store this afternoon and the smell of sugar that hits you at the door is super strong.  Sweet, but strong.   During the Halloween season surrounding all the entrances to stores is candy, all kinds of candy.  It's a dieters nightmare and a childs happiest dreams.  One of my favorite Halloween candies is the little pieces of candy corn.  Super sweet and honey tasting but I love it.   Problem is that one serving, about 14 little kernals, is around 150 calories and I have yet to get away with just having 14 kernals. I tried it this week, I counted out my one serving and ate them slow.  I  felt happy that I did so well, then it drove me crazy for the next couple of hours that there were more in the bag calling my name. So of course, I got out the bag and munched on them untill I had eaten several more servings.  I wasn't happy anymore.  They know people do this to themselves, so why not add more pieces to a serving and count the higher calories to begin with, then when you eat your serving your guilt factor isn't so bad.   Who are they fooling anyway, nobody eats just 14 little kernals and stops. A cruel marketing trick I think or rather I try to make myself believe, so I don't have to take all the blame for my self-induced sugar rush.

            If you think I am naughty with candy corn, well you haven't seen anything when it comes to the guilt trip I take when it comes to little chocolate candy bars. I love each flavor especially the little Krackel bars. I do try to have some of each kind including the dark chocolate since "they" claim it has health benefits. Actually, if I pasted the bags to my hips it would be the right thing to do, make the candy curse go quicker.
How about you, do you have a favorite Halloween candy?  Hopefully you don't have the same candy curse I  have with all those little pieces.  Trick or treat huh, well it tricks me everytime.


  1. It's like you can feel the cavities forming as you walk by that aisle. Chocolate almost anything is my weakness! :O)

  2. they just stocked that isle man... I never seen so much candy... :-) I love m&m's and baby Hersey's, milk ways.. oooooh my thanks a lot!!

  3. Know what you mean about the overwhelming sugery smell at this time of year. We always buy what we like so that we can enjoy the leftovers and be damned about counting calories until Halloween's over.

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

  4. home made caramel apples! does that count as a candy? yeah i think it does. why count calories until jan. 1st. i have started to count them every new years day for 51 years and i am done counting by jan. 2nd. enjoy!!!!!